1 Aug 2022

Going to meet your crush for the first time IRL? Exciting! But if your nerves are taking over, practice these five pre-date rituals for a more relaxed experience. 

It’s official – you’re going on a date with your crush! But what do you do to keep your cool when you are super nervous? Here are some pre-date rituals that can make the lead-up and experience a more relaxed one. 

1. Schedule something short

Does the prospect of a long, drawn-out first date freak you out? Why not opt for something low-key instead? A good way to stick to a set timeframe is to make plans for afterwards. If sparks fly, you can always extend your date and cancel your other plans. But at least this gives you a legitimate way out of an awkward situation. 

2. Avoid other stressors

When you are scheduling your date, take the rest of your life into account. In other words, if you have a big meeting on the same day as your date or an early presentation the day after, it’s probably not the best time for your first meet-up. Try to plan a date for a time when you can both relax without external concerns. 

3. Create a playlist

Music has a significant impact on our mood. This is why it’s a good idea to turn up the volume and create a feel-good playlist to jam to while you are getting ready for your date with your crush. It can give your confidence a much-needed boost before you have to head out and impress a potential new partner. 

4. Don’t spill it!

One of the things that can make going on a date nerve-wracking is having to spill the tea to all your friends and family afterwards. And this can be even more daunting if the encounter didn’t go well. Let one or two trusted people know, but try to avoid spreading the news. You don’t want to jinx anything!

5. Remember, they’re also nervous

No, it’s not just you, boo! As nervous and jittery as you might be feeling, your date is probably feeling exactly the same way. We all want to put our best foot forward and impress, and they are probably spending just as much time over-analysing everything as you are. Take a deep breath – you’ve got this, sis!