27 Jun 2022

TV star Kim Kayde is not shy to flaunt her natural body and hopes to inspire other women to do the same, breaking beauty stereotypes. 

It’s no secret that TV personality Kim Jayde proudly advocates and encourages women to embrace their natural bodies – flaws and all! 

However, this wasn’t always the case, as Kim herself fell prey to the stereotypes placed on women to look a certain way when she worked as a full-time model. 

“Before I broke into the entertainment industry, I was a full-time model in the fashion industry which is notorious for forcing size zero standards. I worked out twice a day and quarter-to starved my body just to fit into sample sizes. It was so unhealthy, and I was so unhappy,” she told GLOW. 

Kim added that being older and wiser now, she wants to celebrate her beautiful, healthy body and hopefully encourage others to do the same. 

“No matter what your body type is - tall, petite, curvy, extra slim - it’s all beautiful and we should all embrace our real bodies.”

Kim, who spends several hours a day on social media as part of her job as an influencer, believes there’s a need for more realness on platforms such as Instagram. 

“Being on social media, all you see are beautiful women, in fashionable clothes on exotic holidays. The truth is that 0.001% of the world really lives like that! It puts ridiculous pressure on young women in particular – even me! I feel it too!"

“So many women are full of plastic surgery, or photoshopped – and there’s nothing wrong with elective surgery if that’s what makes you feel empowered and confident. My issue comes when that’s what is sold to us as ‘the standard of beauty’. It’s just not real.”

Taking a stand against the ‘unreal standards of beauty', Kim said she’s consciously trying to be more natural and encouraged other young women to “lean into what makes you unique”. 

“I wear my hair curly more often, I let my curves and cellulite show, because ‘perfect’ isn’t real. Everything that is genuinely you is perfect. Your freckles, your kinky hair, your curves, your loud laugh, your quiet introverted soul, all of it – all those things that make us different are so stunning! It’s rare! It’s beautiful!”

Here are five times Kim proudly flaunted her curves and natural body:

Picture credit: Kim Jayde Instagram